EMERGENCY medical RESPONDER (EmR 80-hr)....................$750.00

This course covers and reviews the emergency medical system and the specific roles of the emergency response teams from first responders to EMS Paramedics to emergency room patient delivery. Content will cover common medical and trauma emergencies and the related patient care and management. Emphasis will specifically focus on first responder and firefighter emergency patient care and their roles and responsibilities associated with the EMS system. Course curriculum will focus on pre-hospital care, patient assessment and medical/trauma emergencies including respiratory cardiac, neurological, musculoskeletal, spinal and abdominal emergencies as well as emergency child birth and special considerations towards pediatric, geriatric and psychological situations. This course has a similar scope to EFR however has more anatomy & physiology and more time dedicated to practical skills scenarios. This course is a 80 hour course. Students will receive a first responder textbook as part of their tuition. Students receive a wallet card valid for 3 years.

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