EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONDER (EFR 40-hr)....................$450.00

First Responder is a comprehensive full week program customized for fire responders managing the scene of an emergency. Needing more than just advanced first aid training, First Responders are trained to become "critical thinkers", ready to put their skills into decisive action. First Responder course participants will learn the following: Assessing and securing an emergency scene, making critical decisions including airway insertion, oxygen administration, breathing devices, automated External Defib (AED), all levels of basic cardiac life support (CPR), enhanced secondary survey, baseline vitals, such as blood pressure and pulse rate, musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries, burns, heat and cold emergencies, spinal board, cervical collars, moving and transportation skills, emergency childbirth, other specialized equipment, and assisting when paramedics arrive. This course is a 40-44 hour course. Students will receive a first responder textbook as part of their tuition. This course is typically scheduled on two weekends, 4 hours on Friday night and an 8 hour day on Saturday/Sunday. Students receive a wallet card valid for 3 years.

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