It’s difficult to predict exactly how you might respond during a crisis. Yet, as a human service provider, you face challenging behavior and potentially dangerous situations every day. How you respond greatly determines the safety of everyone involved—and profoundly impacts the relationships with those in your care. Are you prepared?

The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention ® program, developed by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), not only teaches staff to respond effectively to the warning signs that someone is beginning to lose control, but also addresses how staff can deal with their own stress, anxieties, and emotions when confronted with these challenging situations.

If you work in a more "public" environment where your staff is frequently dealing with members of the public then you might be more interested in the Prepare Training.

CPI’s PrepareTraining® establishes key components for a culture of Respect, Service and Safety at Work®. Participants acquire skills that build confidence in effectively dealing with irrational, angry or hostile people internal or external to the workplace. By understanding appropriate responses to varied situations, employees will act in a more rational and professional manner. Everyone benefits from an environment where respect, service and safety are at work.



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